Housing horoscope: Bond creates astrological guide for real estate insiders

Tuesday Mar 07th, 2017


With real estate – if you’re investing in it, selling it, buying it or renting it – you’re always rolling the dice to some degree. And brokers and real estate executives are a notoriously superstitious bunch. Bond New York has the solution: your real estate horoscope, a new monthly feature on the residential brokerage’s website. For each of the 12 astrological signs, Kelly Kreth, owner of Kreth Communications, a real estate public relations firm that represents Bond, has crafted a set of recommendations. Should you pull the trigger on that deal? What neighborhoods will suit your personality type best? Kreth’s advice is light-hearted yet pragmatic, meant to provide a harmless nudge for a renter, buyer, seller or broker on the fence about a particular neighborhood or deal. “In NYC no matter what party you attend people will brag about one of two things: how much they pay for housing or how little. This year you will turn into the former so start looking at your deluxe apartment in the sky,” reads this month’s entry for Geminis. The brainchild of Bond co-founder Noah Freedman, the horoscopes launched today on Bond’s blog. Kreth, who is a Taurus, said she and her fellow bulls are stubborn and risk averse. “We probably would not buy in a land lease building,” Kreth said, opting instead for a more secure investment like a co-op. On the other end of the spectrum, an Aquarius is the sort that astrology says is open to new experiences and feeds off risk, Kreth said. An Aquarius might gamble on “an up and coming neighborhood, or a place that needs a lot of renovation,” Kreth said. Of course, no one is taking the playful recommendations too seriously, admits Freedman, himself a Pisces. “I’m not really into horoscopes, I just think they can be amusing,” he told The Real Deal. However, he came up with the idea — he called one day at midnight and suggested the project, Kreth said — because he felt that “many, many people in real estate secretly read their horoscope.” However, “it has no bearing on my real estate decisions,” Freedman said of the astrological predictions. Tags: bond new york, noah freedman

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